Zombie Garden Ornament

The zombie apocalypse has arrived!

Nobody is really sure as to exactly how it happened but it did. The zombies apocalypse is here.

Perhaps it was some government created “rage” virus? Or some nuclear distaster that’s gone terribly wrong and poisoned the population with radiation? Or could it be some sort of alien life form?

Whatever the case the truth is the Zombies are on their way and the very first one has arrived right in your backyard.

This life size zombie garden sculpture is much more interesting to look at than any garden gnome and will serve as a constant reminder of the oncoming zombie apocalypse. It’s also a great way to scare little children the next time they walk past your yard.

Zombie Statue

The verdict?

This is a must have for anyone who lives in constant fear of a zombie apocalypse. It’s big, it’s bad ass and it’s one damn creepy looking zombie that your guests wont be forgetting any time soon.

How much? $99.99
Where from? ThinkGeek.com
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