Zombie Garden Gnomes

There’s a zombie attack in your garden!

The zombie apocalypse is near and it’s all starting in your backyard with some vicious and bloody zombie gnomes that love nothing more than to feast of the flesh of a flamingo.

Scare your neighbors and creep out your kids by replacing your happy-go-lucky garden gnomes with these expertly crafted zombie gnomes from an Etsy seller that specializes in making them.

In fact if you visit their Etsy page you’ll find literally dozens of different (and totally awesome) trouble making zombie gnomes.

Zombie Gnomes

Flamingo FeastSuper high quality!

All gnomes are hand crafted and made to an extremely high quality yet are still extremely affordable.

The makers obviously put in a tonne of attention to detail and the end result is something quite phenomenal and eye catching.

The verdict?

What is there not to love about this?

Forget about pretty.

Zombie Flamingo StatueWe want our backyard to be packed with ravenous zombies that are looking for their next meal… and these gnomes do just that.

We’re giving these gnomes our big fat seal of approval!

How much? $55.00
Where from? Etsy.com
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