Zombie Bowling Balls

10 pin bowling zombie style.

The incredible guys over at Design Made In Germany have created this incredible line of bloody zombie head bowling balls because the only thing more fun than bowling itself is bowling a severed zombie skull down the alley as you try to score a strike.

The brainchild of these scary zombie creations Oliver Paass is a renowned and famous spray gun artist who spent more than three weeds designing up extremely detailed 360° which were then sprayed onto standard bowling balls. The designs are all vivid, incredibly detailed, extremely gruesome and 100% awesome.

Zombie Bowling

Bowling Ball

Three Undead Designs…

There are three differently designed zombie head bowling balls in total each with enough blood and gore to impress the most sadistic of zombie fans.

Each ball has finger holes conveniently located in places like the eyes sockets, nostrils and mouth.

The verdict?

These are some damn creepy bowling balls and the attention to detail in the artwork is second to none.

Zombie Head Bowling BallsUnfortunately you can’t buy these zombie head bowling balls (we wish we could!) but you can find more pics, videos and information about them over at the Design Made In Germany website.

Where from? DesignMadeInGermany.de
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