Zombie Bottle Opener

The zombie style bottle opener.

This seriously kick ass zombie bottle opener is made by the good people over at Odd Art Fabrications.

These guys specialize in making all sorts of weird and wonderful products ranging from musical instruments to automotive fabrications to ZOMBIE STUFF!

This bottle opener is perfect for the fan of all things zombies and also makes for an awesome birthday or Christmas present for that friend that can’t get enough of those zombie flicks.

Zombie OpenerSpecs.

The zombie bottle opener is handcrafted by local artisans and is made from an extremely tough urethane resin along with a steel bottle opener.

One particularly cool thing about these bottle openers is that because they are hand made no two will ever be alike making yours completely unique.

Each opener is even hand painted meaning you’ll get slight variations in the paint details too.

The verdict?

This is one very cool gadgets and a must have for anyone that loves zombie gadgets. Two big thumbs up!

How much? $15.95
Where from? Amazon.com
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