ZERO Helicopter

A Concept Helicopter to Beat all Traffic Jams

The idea of skipping the traffic jam and getting straight to work without a hair out of place is a titillating one.

However, the last time I checked, teleportation wasn’t possible.

That being said, the concept of being able to get about town in your private helicopter isn’t a new one, and it’s being used in many cities across the world by busy executives who can’t be bothered to sit for hours in a traffic jam.

Lightweight Helicopter

A Hector del Amo production

A concept helicopter design by renowned Spanish helicopter designer Hector del Amo may just change the way we travel. The Zero helicopter is a modern piece of work that has space for only one individual (the operator, or you) as well as open sides with a circular design and a high-seating rotor blades at the back.

The concept helicopter, white in color hasn’t gotten a release date yet despite its buzz that spans more than 3 years. While this little sexy copter looks good, there are some structural challenges that may take it out of the game even before its launch.

The slim design doesn’t leave enough space for a fuel tank or a couple of batteries (if the designer decides to go the electric way, that is), and the sides are open, which might make even die-hards helicopter fans cringe with fear.

The front of the helicopter is covered by a large plank of curved glass, and the controls are situated close to the helicopter roof but within easy reach as well as eye level. The rotating blades at the top have tinted red tips, and the whole seating compartment it curved to form an ‘O’. The only seat follows this circular configuration and has ridges on it to add an extra layer of comfort as well as comply with the body’s natural curvature and desire for ergonomic design.

The Zero helicopter comes in off-white, but released photos show that it may be available in other colors such as lime green. It’s rumored that if the zero helicopter goes into production, it will have a power plant that’s located underneath the rotary hub. In addition, the fuel tank may actually be embedded into the helicopter’s chassis in some way, or the bottom of the helicopter frame. The possibilities when it comes to concept airplanes are endless, and all it takes is a bit of creative thinking, engineering ingenuity and funding to create a working prototype.

Ultralight Helicopter

A great personal transportation system

The Zero helicopter could make a great personal transportation system since it is lightweight due to the presence of only one seat. It also has a circular frame, giving it a streamlined appearance which in turn helps with speed as well as fuel efficiency. The glass that goes from the bottom of the craft to the top gives the pilot a clear view of the area, making maneuverability a breeze. In addition, the pedals that control the blades at the back are placed strategically and with reach, giving you a great amount of flexibility while flying and operating the machine as well as exceptional machine reflex skills. Hector, we’re waiting for the reveal.

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