Legend of Zelda Triforce Lamp

The Zelda triforce lamp: A link to your wallet.

Here’s an awesome lamp that was designed with the die high Zelda fan in mind.

Turn it on and you’ll be able to instantly illuminate any room with a big, bad ass triforce just like the one you would have seen throughout the many Zelda adventures. The sides of the lamp are designed with a “8-bit pixelated” kind of feel with pixel squares shooting light throughout the room.

Overall it does a great job in capturing that nostalgic gaming feel that most people will associate with the Zelda series.

Zelda Triforce

The specs.

The lamp is approximately 11 inches along each side making it a decent size that’s not too over the top.

The bottom side of the lamp is almost fully open allowing for easy changing of the bulb.

The device itself is build using a poplar frame, birch face and acrylic yellow plastic.

The verdict?

It’s a little bit pricey at $95 but it’s hand crafted and looks extremely awesome when lit up at night.

If you’re a true Zelda fan and love collecting Zelda memorabilia then this is an item that you wont want to miss.

How much? $95.00
Where from? Etsy.com
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