Wrist Fireball Shooter

Fireballs, Man’s New Best Friend

Let’s face it; we’ve all been fascinated by superheroes and the powers they possess. From walking through walls, reading minds and lifting tons of stuff without breaking a sweat, superheroes represent some of humanity’s secret desires. Thankfully, one company is in the running to provide us with all these powers and more. Wilber, a famous magician has spent years perfecting the art of flame throwing, and in his efforts, has created something unique that enables the average Joe looking to amuse his friends or take his illusionist skills to the next level. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you PYRO.

Fireball Shooter

What is Pyro?

Pyro is a simple device that allows you to shoot fire from the palms of your hands. It goes without saying that this is a device that can only be sold to individuals that are 18 and over. In addition, one has to agree to read the documentation that comes with this gadget before operating it because of its potential to cause injuries if not operated in a proper manner.

Pyro is ideally suited to individuals in the entertainment industry such as magicians. It can be worn on the wrist, and it has four chambers that allow you to shoot fireballs away from you in a dramatic fashion. It is worn in such a way that it leaves the top part of your wrist open, eliminating any chances of an accident. Pyro comes with a remote, and it took more than 2 years to develop and refine it into a safe and usable product.

Pyro comes with a fastener that enables you to hide it under your wrist, all the while keeping your hand safe from the balls of fire shooting out of your arm. All you have to do is place the supplied remote in your other arm and then squeeze your hand into a fist to shoot out a flame from the other hand. This gadget comes with a 60-day replacement warranty, and the unit and remote have both gone through temperature and pressure testing to ensure that there won’t be any accidents happening while using it.

What’s so great about Pyro is the fact that you can shoot more than 4 fireballs without reloading, and each unit comes with a sufficient amount of paper and flash cotton that’s enough for 60 uses. Pyro is essentially a flash gun which works by the operator igniting flash cotton in the compartment which then propels a small amount of flash paper which ejects itself out of the device in a manner to make it seem like you’re shooting fire out of your hand. That being said, it’s important to get the correct ratios of flash paper and flash cotton if you’d like for it to work consistently. Don’t be tempted to insert large wads of cotton and paper since this will cause the machine to fail which can be embarrassing mid-show.

Pyro Fireshooter

Pyro is affordable

Pyro is available for an affordable $174, and the inventor, Adam Wilber, promises to answer any questions about the product if you’re not satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason. Have fun with your Pyro!

Where from? Amazon.com
How Much? $174
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