World's Smallest Gun

The smallest gun in the world.

Introducing a pistol that’s like no other. This is the smallest gun to ever be made measuring in at an absolutely tiny 4cm x 2cm… seriously!

These minuscule pistols are named “Berloque pistols” and are madeu using a process that has 124 steps in total and requires a total of 15 different parts.

The guns themselves are made by Gerhard Göbharter GmbH and they’ve been making these bad ass little weapons since all the way back in 1905.

Tiny PistolBerloque pistols can be used for both serious or entertainment purposes and can shoot out both blank cartridges or legitimate flares.

They’re capable of shooting out huge colorful flares that make for a great way to commence a party, festival, wedding or any sort of celebration.

The world’s smallest gun can be found for sale online over at Singulier and is available in either a silver or a metal case.

The verdict?

These are seriously cool and fascinating little piece and despite their size they can shoot off one hell of a flare.

They make for a great collector’s item and are a must have for anyone with an appreciation for precision engineering!

How much? $74.00
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