WiFi Enhancer

No more weak signal spots!

Having wireless internet is pretty cool especially since it allows you to take your laptop or device anywhere in or outside of the house and then instantly connect to the the internet without having to worry about cords… but it’s frustrating as hell when you get caught in a weak spot and the connection just becomes infuriatingly slow.

Well with the Bounce WiFi enhancer you’ll be able to solve this problem with ease. Just chuck the wireless internet booster onto your modem and right away you’re signal will be extended and greatly improved.

WiFi Signal EnhancerFurthermore it’s dead easy to install, only takes a few seconds to do so and requires no tech knowledge at all.

In fact this thing is so good that w’re not sure why everyone doesn’t have one attached to their modem!


The WiFi enhances works with 802.11 a/b/g routers and works on routers with external antennas only.

The verdict?

Sometimes the simplest gadgets are the best and with the Boost signal enhancer this is definitely the case.

It’s a cheap and easy to use solution to a problem that internet users all of ther world have… we love it!

How much? $24.99
Where from? ThinkGeek.com
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