WiFi Bathroom Scales

The world’s cleverest body weight scale.

It may just be time to ditch your old bathroom scales for a more modern and advanced solution: the WiFi bathroom scales.

These scales allow you to measure your body weight in either kilograms, pounds or stone and can measure within an accuracy of 100 grams.

Plus it will even measure your body fat through biometric impedance analysis.

WiFi Body ScaleBut what makes the WiFi weight scale really cool is that it also tracks your progress as you either try to bulken up or lose weight through it’s clever WiFi system that connects to the internet and records your weight data each time you weigh yourself so that you can access it at any stage to get a full overview on how you are doing fitness wise.
And the device even comes with a handy iPhone app so that you can check out your results at anytime using your phone!


The Wifi body scale measures from a mimum weight of 0.1kg all the way up to a maximum weight of 180 kg.

The verdict?

This is one damn cool gadget that’s designed to help you to reach your fitness goals by giving you easy access to real, meaningful data… we love it!

How much? $139.99
Where from? ThinkGeek.com
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