Wall Socket Safe

The incredible hidden wall outlet safe!

We’ve never seen a more ingenious way to hide your valuables than with this simple but incredibly effective wall safe that’s disguised as a regular wall socket.

The wall socket safe is extremely easy to install and comes with it’s own cut-out saw and simple install instructions. Once installed it pivots out to reveal your secret hiding spot.

The wall socket safe is SO good at hiding your valuables that Chicago Police have even stated that these units hide your valuables better than a locked safe – not to mention they are a hundred times cheaper!

Hidden Wall Outlet Safe

The specs.

The wall size not only looks just like a wall ordinary wall socket but it’s also small and discreet too measuring in at 7″ x 3.5″ x 2.5″ in size.

The verdict?

This is one damn clever way to hide your valuables.

It’s said that on average burglars spend about 6 minutes inside a victim’s home and you can be sure that the last place they are ever going to look in that time is inside a wall outlet!

We’re giving the wall socket safe two big fat thumbs up!

How much? $7.99
Where from? ThinkGeek.com
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