USB Wall Socket

Modernize your wall sockets.

Stop living in the dark ages and add a USB socket to your power points. This easy to install wallplug includes two regular power sockets as well as two USB sockets for charging all of your USB gadgets such as your iPod or smartphone. These days pretty much every smart device can be charged through a USB port yet the USB wall chargers that come with most of these items are bulky and a hassle to carry around with you… the USB wall socked is the ultimate solution to this problem.

The specs.

USB Wall OutletIt’s got an input voltage of AC 100-125V and an output voltage of DC 5.0V. It’s guaranteed to charge any mobile phone that uses USB power which includes the iPhone. It’s completely safety certified and meets all UL standards.

It’s also approved by the National Electric Code in all of North America. The product itself is made and manufactured in the USA.

The verdict?

A very clever, well thought out gadget that doubles the usefulness of your wall sockets allowing you to quickly and easily charge all of your modern gizmos without the hassle of having to use a USB power cord.

This is a great idea for your home, workplace or as a gift for your tech-savvy friends.

How much? $29.99
Where from?
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