USB Missile Launcher

Take cubicle warfare to the next level.

Defend your cubicle from office pranksters with this ‘take no prisoners’ USB powered rocket launcher.

There’s always one or two pranksters in every office that constantly try to play jokes and cause mild inconvenience on their co-workers. But with this missile launcher you can be sure that nobody in the office will ever be game enough to mess with you again after they see this mini war machine.

This bad boy is the ultimate cubicle weapon and can be aimed and rotated a full 360 degrees horizontally and 45 degrees vertically. It can fire at targets over 6 meters away and has a total coverage of 113 square meters.

USB Rocket Launcher

Easy to set up and use.

The USB missile launcher is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. To set it up you simply plug it in to a USB port, install the included software and then aim and shoot.

The verdict?

This is one bad ass USB weapon. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit stronger than the Airzooka then this is exactly what you’re looking for. We’re giving it two big thumbs up!

How much? $24.99
Where from?
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