USB Heated Slippers

Stay Warm This Winter…

Anyone looking for convenient, high-tech household products are sure to love these novelty slippers. Give the gift or warmth this winter, and maybe even treat yourself to toasty tootsies with these instantly-warm slippers. You wonder how you’ve very lived without them!

Comfort Made For the 21st Century

So, what makes USB heated slippers so futuristic? You plug them into any USB port using the detachable USB on each slipper. This means you can plug them into your desktop, laptop or video game console to start heating things up. You can even use any 5-volt USB power source.  So, why should you buy USB heated slippers? There are some good reasons.

Toasty Feet All Winter Long

Warm feet are happy feet, so make sure your tootsies are toasty this winter with USB heating slippers. You’ll be ready to climb out of bed on chilly mornings if you can protect your feet from the cold floor. You can even wear the heated slippers during the day to keep you feet—and you—warm and comfy

You feet are warmed the instant you slide them into your slippers. There’s no need to wait for body heat to start warming you up. They stay warm as you work at your computer or play your favorite video game. There is no reason to ever have cold feet again.

Warm USB Slippers

They Are Comfortable And Convenient

While companies expand on the amount of products electronics to use for home use, everything is becoming more convenient to simplify customer’s everyday lives. And the USB heating slippers are just one of the convenient ways to stay warm this winter.

USB Slippers Made Great Gifts

Are you looking for a gift for a techie on your list or someone who has everything? USB heating slippers makes the perfect holiday gift. Everyone loves warm slippers, comfortable slippers to wear around the house in winter, and with the large selection of colors and designs, you’re to find something for everyone on your gift list.

Cordless models are even better than the original. With the corded varieties, there are limits to how far you move away from your computer. These are fine if you spend a lot of time at your computer, but what if you’re on the move?

Cordless USB slippers have built-in lithium batteries that keep the warmth flowing as long as they remained charged. You can set your slippers on high or low heat and walk around the house freely. No more walking on chilly floors. Once slippers are fully charged, they keep your feet warm for about 2 hours. You can even wear them as they recharge, so you never have to have cold feet again.


USB heated slippers are sure to warm up the coldest of chilly feet in the winter. Jump out of bed on chilly mornings without walking on chilly floors. Work at your computer on chilly days and keep your feet toasty. These slippers are the high-tech slippers of the future. They are sure to make a great gift for anyone on your holiday gift list.

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