Underwater Headphones

The world’s best underwater headphones!

If you’ve ever thought it would be cool to listen to your favorite tracks whilst swimming underwater then you’re not alone and you’ll be glad to know that somebody has finally come up with a kick ass product that allows you to do just that.

Introducing the SwiMP3 player – the ultimate waterproof MP3 player that uses revolutionary bone conduction audio transmission technology (which is totally tested and safe) to bring you flawless, glorious music whilst do laps across the pool.

You can even use it to listen to your favorite podcast or that latest audio book that you’ve been itching to check out!


Underwater Headphones for SwimmingThe SwiMP3 player comes with 2GB of storage space which is capable of storing around 500 songs and is compatiable with both MP3 and WMA file formats.It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for over eight hours per charge and an easy to use in built USB plug for quick and easy charging.

The verdict?

The SwiMP3 underwater headphones are a truly revolutionary gadget that allow swimmers to listen to ultra clear music whilst underwater without any hassles. It’s a fantastic concept and it work extremely well so we’ve simply got to give this one the Way Cool Gadgets seal of approval!

How much? $116.95
Where from? Amazon.com
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