Running Treadmill Desk

Are you having a hard time balancing exercise and work? If you are struggling to find time to both then perhaps this is the solution to all of your problems – the Trekdesk treadmill desk.

As the name suggests the treadmill desk combines a desk with a treadmill and it’s a device that’s designed to help you to kill two birds with one stone: getting stuff done whilst you burn those calories.

With the Trekdesk treadmill desk you can do work related tasks while you sweat it out on a treadmill and it can easily be attached to just about any kind of treadmill that’s on the market today.

Trekdesk Treadmill Desk

The specs.

This workspace covers 72 by 34 inches and comes with a three-tier file folder, a top headset stand and a manuscript holder. Furthermore the workspace also provides users with two cup holders and has an adjustable height to accommodate both tall and shorter users.

Plus the treadmill desk can hold up to 55 pounds of weight which should be more than enough to stack even the heaviest of computer setups on top of.

The verdict?

With this workspace you no longer have to worry about making time for exercise because you can simply do it as you work and for us we think this is an awesome idea because it gives you more time to spend doing those things that you really love!

How much? $479
Where from?
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