Toaster With Egg Poacher

The toaster with an egg cooker.

Now here’s a good idea if we’ve ever seen one. Why not save a tonne of time and difficulty when making breaking by investing in a toaster that poaches your eggs for you too while your toast cooks? This clever gadget will cook your a delicious poached egg sandwhich in just 4 minutes. Eggs can also steam-scramble your eggs or even be used to warm pre-cooked meat.

To operate you just add two tablespoons of water to the heating tray with the included measuring cup and then lightly coat the egg poaching tray with a nonstick cooking spray or oil. Next just crack an egg into the poaching tray and add any meat onto the warming tray if you wish. Finally put your bread, muffins, croissant or bagel into the toaster and let it work it’s magic.

The verdict?

We absolutely love the idea. If you’re anything like us when you first wake you than you’re a bit like a half brained zombie as you struggle to wake up and make some coffee and breakfast so you can start your day.

This toaster/egg poacher duo will take all of the hassle and difficulty out of your breakfast routine and allow to quickly and easily make a breakfast that’s delicious and fast.

Toasters with Egg Poachers

2 Slices & 1 Egg Model
How much? $34.00
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4 Slices & 2 Eggs Model
How much? $49.00
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