Controlling state of mind is the hardest thing for any of us to do. A particularly bad day at the office can make it impossible for you to relax when you get home. A night out with friends the previous evening can sap you of energy when you go in for your workout on the following morning. These contingencies are part of life and cannot be avoided. The way you respond to them, however, can be.

The newly released Thync Mood-Altering Headpiece can give you the calm or energy that you need when you need it. Thync is designed to give users the ability to change the way they feel. The Thync system has three components: module, strip, and app. To use the device, all you need to do is place the module over your right temple. A disposable adhesive stick ensures that it stays on your head. Thync’s waveform technology—called Vibes—is delivered from an IOS device that you control. The latter comes into sync with the module on your head to either relax or invigorate you—depending on your choice at the time. You will feel the desired effects within five minutes of activating the device.

The Vibes are the results of years of extensive research, development, and testing conducted by neuroscientists and engineers. Thync Vibes have been shown to be effective and perfectly safe. The device is best used to overcome certain mental blockages that you may be experiencing. If you wish to de-stress but find it difficult, think Thync. If you have a major meeting or workout session ahead of you but cannot summon the required energy, think Thync. If you find yourself suffering from a bout of insomnia, think Thync. The system can help you beat stress, invigorate your performance, or send you off to a deep sleep, so that you feel fully rested and restored in the morning.

Mood Altering Technology

Since its release in 2015, the device has received many great reviews. One user says she was suffering from insomnia. She decided to use the Thync Mood-Altering Headpiece as an alternative to sleeping medication. She states that the device thoroughly relaxes her before she goes to bed and enable her to get a good night’s sleep. Another user says that the energy strips helps her beat the three o’ clock slump at her place of her work, so that she is able to be fully productive throughout the day.

Stories such as these abound. Though the product is new, it is already becoming popular by helping people better manage their lives and overcome stress, lethargy, and sleeplessness.

The Thync system can be purchased for $299. It comes in a rather small and compact package, and is therefore shipped at the standard rate. You will receive the Thync Module, 10 Calm Strips (2 Packs of 5), 10 Energy Strips (2 Packs of 5), and directions to download the Thync App. If you are looking for a way to better regulate and control your moods, Thync is the solution.

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