Tetris Alarm Clock

The officially licensed Tetris alarm clock!

Tetris fans are going to go absolutely nuts over this officially licensed Tetris themed alarm clock. It’s not since the original release of the now infamous game in 1984 that we’ve been so excited by a Tetris related product (although we have to admit that we do love this Tetris lamp).

You’ll love waking up to the Tetris digital alarm clock as it plays the official Tetris theme music when the alarm goes off. It also includes Tetrimino shaped buttons, both a 12 and 24 hour setting, a snooze button, a back light and displays the time in nothing but Tetris style falling blocks with each one rotating into position as the time changes.

Tetris Buttons

The specs.

The Tetris digital alarm clock measures in at approximately 21cm width x 15cm height x 7cm dimension. It requires 3 x AA batteries to operate which are not included with the product.

The verdict?

Definitely a must have for any Tetris fan. It’s affordable, reeks of style and makes for a great gift for a friend or family member or is just an awesome way to treat yourself.

We’re giving the Tetris alarm clock our seal of approval!

How much? $40.00
Where from? Firebox.com
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