Tesla Watch

Say Hello To The Tesla Steampunk Watch!

If steampunk fashion is your thing, then the Tesla Watch is for you. If science or science fiction is your thing, then the Tesla watch is for you. If you like watches, then the Tesla watch is for you. Basically, everyone should just consider a Tesla watch. Tesla came up with plenty of ideas and inventions. Not all of them he got credit for, but some he did. He is most certainly getting credit for this watch, though (side note: it’s not actually Tesla’s design; it’s inspired by Tesla).

What is it?

The Tesla watch is an analog chronometer watch suitable for everyday wear. It features two faux vacuum tubes with red LED lights that you can control with the flick of a switch. It comes with ornamental winding wings that can be stored on the leather strap, has a stainless steel case, glass covering, and a leather strap. The numbers on the face are clear and simple, and the whole watch comes in a matching tin that makes gifting easy. This classic time piece is a great way to tell time and with the chronometer, you can determine celestial navigation and longitude, which is helpful when traveling. It’s also important to note that this watch is not waterproof, nor does it resist water well, either.

Tesla Wrist Watch

Why it’s Awesome?

Take one look at the watch and see if it doesn’t bring out your inner geek. The steampunk aesthetic adds character to the already interesting design, and the weathered-brass look on the metal and the leather strap make it look like a comfortable antique. Not only that, but you’ll have crowds ‘ohhhing’ and ‘ahhhing’ as they cram in to take a look at your watch, especially when the faux vacuums light up. You’ll get plenty of questions about how it works, and what it reminds them of, all of which could lead to entertaining conversations. Also, anything made by or resembling Tesla’s work is cool. It just is.

Steampunk Fashion Watch

What’s the Cost?

The cool, steampunk Tesla watch can be your new time piece for the low price of $59.99 through the ThinkGeek website. That’s not a bad price for a watch, particularly a chronometer, and the sleekness of the watch certainly give it a bit of class. You’ll be the envy of your friends, and you’ll look dashing as you check the time to the wide-eyed amazement of strangers. Also, $60 isn’t a bad price for a gift, especially if the person is into Tesla or steampunk.

You can’t go wrong with the Tesla watch. As ThinkGeek says, it’s a splendid watch from a more elegant time. Even if you don’t like the look and feel of the watch, chances are, you know someone who does. The faux vacuums with the LED light ups are a fun addition that is sure to attract a lot of attention. Everyone will want to know what the watch does. Although the watch doesn’t actually conduct electricity like the Tesla coils do, it still has plenty of modern features to help make it awesome.

Where from? ThinkGeek.com
How Much? $69.99
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