Tesla Coil Kit

The Ultimate DIY Tesla Kit

If you’re fascinated by the idea of electricity, or you’ve idealized Tesla for as long as you can remember, you might enjoy the Tesla coil kit. It’s a DIY model that actually works, and it’s more than it appears to be. Whether you’re new to the Tesla hobby or an old pro, you’ll find this coil kit to be everything you need to get going.

What’s in the Kit?

The tiny Tesla coil kit was designed to be a DIY project for those interested in the flow of electricity. The kit includes all of the electronic and hardware components you need. There is a pre-wound secondary coil included in the kit so you don’t have to wind it by hand. The kit also comes with a spun metal toroid, extruded anodized chassis for the USB interrupter, and other accessories. Everything that is needed to construct the coil is included in the kit.

DIY Tesla Kit

How to Build the Kit?

It does require construction as it is meant to be a DIY coil kit. You will need a soldering iron, varnish, and hand tools to complete the kit. The kit comes with instructions, and there are more instructions available online.

To begin, you have to assemble the interrupter first. This controls the music, but it is also used to make sure the low-voltage side of the main driver is working. After checking to make sure it works, you need to varnish the secondary coil. The varnish acts as a protective barrier around the coil, so when you add the varnish, you want at least three layers. A polyurethane spray-on varnish works well. While that’s drying, install the hardware on the heat sink. Next, you’ll install the main board’s logic components followed by the power components. Then you’ll install the IGBT’s, and then you can wind up the primary. Attach the primary connector, and then assemble and attach the antenna. Solder the ring terminals, and then assemble the end cap. Mount the secondary coil, toroid, and breakout point. Once that’s done, it’s ready to be troubleshot. This is a simplified version of the directions, so be sure to read them when you purchase this product.

Tesla Kit

What does the Completed Coil do?

The completed coil shoots sparks up to 4 inches long. The original design by Tesla was used to conduct experiments on lightning, x-ray generation, and electrotherapy. It makes sense the mini model would shoot sparks. But, it also plays music and can be controlled from a laptop. What most people really like is being about to put it together themselves.

Purchasing a tiny Tesla coil is great for science fairs, those who like putting things together, and anyone who enjoys the coil experience. Although it takes a little time to put together, it’s mostly just to ensure that it’s working properly. The coil’s small size and low component count make it easy to assemble for most people, teenagers included. It does require a soldering iron, though, so be sure safety precautions are reviewed with children before allowing them to build the coil.

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