Suitcase With Shelves

Rid Yourself Of The Frustration Of Packing…

You pack your suitcase to go on a trip and when you arrive you wonder, should I unpack and put my clothes in these dresser drawers? Who used them last and what did they have in them? Did the cleaning staff really clean them? You decide to live out of your suitcase instead.

By the end of the first day, everything you brought with you is wrinkled, has fallen on the floor at least once or seems to have mysteriously disappeared. Now you can end all that frustration with the new suitcase with shelves.

Simple and Stylish While Being Smart…

The ShelfPack was designed to be simple, stylish and very easy to use. You simply pack the collapsible shelving system neatly to keep your clothes wrinkle-free and all your items organized at home and then lower them in to the heavy duty case and zip it up. Upon arrival at your destination, although you may be a weary traveler, you can open your suitcase, pull up the supports, lift the shelves into place and then relax because that is all there is to it. It takes about 10 seconds.

With 3 large front pocket compartments for lots of extra storage and four built-in shelves for your shirts, pants, socks, underwear and toiletries you’ll stay organized and worry free because living out of your suitcase, now, just got that easy.

No more digging for socks or a t-shirt, no more piles of clothes all over or around your suitcase. The ShelfPack makes it super easy to find what you’re looking for at a glance because everything is visible right away.

Ultimate Travel Suitcase

Innovative and Award Winning…

The last time luggage saw any major innovation was in the 1980’s with the introduction of the wheels to make rolling luggage. But hold on to your hats… the ShelfPack has arrived and it’s been called, ingenious, simplistic and exciting. Dubbed a portable closet, the ShelfPack is reinventing the way we all travel.

This suitcase with shelves is the brainchild of Ken McKaba, a lifelong software engineer from Santa Barbara, California, who came up with the idea while on an extended business trip where he was constantly digging through his luggage trying to find things. He knew there was a better way to travel so upon returning home, he started scavenging other luggage for parts and sewing the shelves to put together the prototype. After testing it out on trips he and his wife made his family and friends encouraged him to build them. He found an established luggage company that has built products for well-known companies to build the ShelfPack.

At the 2015 Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas he unveiled it and promptly won the “Buzz” Award for Best New Product of 2015 out of 120 competing products.

Stand Up Suitcase

Not Too Big And Not Too Small…

This suitcase with shelves is classified as checked luggage (not carry-on) and comes in at a mere 14″ x 18″ x 26″ (28″ with the wheels), and has 6,365 cubic inches of interior space. Empty, it weighs 17lbs. When the shelves are fully extended, the ShelfPack sits 42″ tall. The retractable telescopic supports, for keeping the shelves in place, are sturdy and easy to pull up and push into the suitcase. The four rugged shelves are capable of holding most anything you packed. The three zippered compartments on the outside lid give you a lot of space for socks and more. The easy-glide ball-bearing wheels allow the ShelfPack to roll effortlessly.

Whether you’re traveling for business, for pleasure or as a family on a cruise, road trip or camping, ShelfPack allows you to be mobile, organized and efficient. You can even use it for storage at home.

The limited lifetime warranty covers workmanship and materials beyond normal wear and tear for the life of the suitcase. At $350 MSRP it’s not the least expensive suitcase on the market, but it can replace two standard pieces of luggage. Order it today for a smart way to travel.

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