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Steampunk motorcycles are a thing of legend and almost every racer’s ultimate dream. These machines were prominent at the beginning of the last century and they were used by both the average Joe as well as law enforcement officers who preferred them over other motorbikes due to their speed derived from a powerful engine as well as a streamlined silhouette. Steampunk bikes are about to make a comeback thanks to the inventive hands of a few passionate individuals who saw it fit to customize these bikes to add a couple of fun but deadly things that everyone into weapons would pay an arm and a leg to own.

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The Aristo-cad has landed

Putsch Racing saw the opportunity to customize this iconic motorcycle and took it. They called their new creation the Aristo-cad, perhaps a play on words that reflects the sleek and sophisticated look and feel of the motorcycle. The creation has red-rimmed wheels on the inside, an intricately stitched seat and a small backpack behind the seat for personal effects.

The Steampunk Aristo-cad comes mounted with two machine guns mounted on either side as well as ammo chains that are essentially made from blanks. In addition, there’s a gun sight near the driver’s arm. Other interesting features include a chronometric tachometer which does a good job at giving the engine a distinctive powerful rev, a timepiece that harks back to early 1920 thanks to Tiffany and Co., as well as two English fighting daggers that have expertly been mounted on the fuel tank.

This bike is absolutely drive-worthy thanks to its Triumph engine which won’t cause too much of a ruckus when you’re driving down your neighborhood. That being said, it has enough horsepower to give you the speed, power and endurance you need if you ever think about taking a trip to the town next door one weekend.

If you’re in a combative mood or just want to shoot the blanks in the gun, press a button close to the console. The machine gun is controlled by computers, and it’s triggered by a reaction in the combustion chamber. The headlights are covered by discreet wire screen which does a good job at making it hard for people to hear you approaching, regardless of the robust engine. The aluminum intake trumpets are located pristinely next to the racing exhaust that’s protected from debris by brass screens on either side of the bike.

Steampunk Motorbike


The Steampunk Aristo-cad also features an English number plate to give it that authentic European feel, a seat that’s made of aged leather to give it more character, a mechanical oil pressure gauge that works with the help of a machine within the motorcycle and deep black body paint that adds to the allure and overall look of the motorcycle. If you’d like to surprise your boyfriend with a great birthday gift, this would be it. While there’s no word as to how much this machine costs, you’re able to get a quote by just contacting the company via the contact form on their website.

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