Star Projector

Bringing space into the bedroom.

Stars might feel like they are an eternity away when gazing up at them outdoors but now with this awesome little star projector you’ll feel like their right next to you inside the home.

This is one of the best laser star projectors for ceilings and walls on the market right now and it does an amazing job at illuminating any room with stars and turning an otherwise boring decor into an amazing, eye opening star filled solar system that’ll make you feel like you’ve left Earth altogether.

Laser Stars Before And After ShotsThe specs.

The star projector utilizes green laser and holographic technology to create it’s incredible effect that fills your room up with thousands of stars.

The unit itself is 10″ x 9″ x 7″ in size, has two built in precision glass lenses and comes with an AC adapter.

The verdict?

If you were to look ‘cool gadget‘ up in the dictionary you would probably find a big photo of a laser cosmos star projector that looks exactly like this one.

It’s an incredibly clever and fun way to add some life to on otherwise bland room. We’re definitely giving this one two big thumbs up!

How much? $169.99
Where from?
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