Sports Headphones

Headphones that actually stay on while exercising? Finally somebody got it right.

If you’ve ever tried to go running or play sports whilst listening to music on a pair of headphones then you’ll know just how hard it usually is to get them to stay in and sit tightly… most of the time it’s completely impossible.

Well finally a pair of headphones has come along that’s been designed especially for people to use whilst working out and we have to tell you – these bad boys really do work. Whether you’re into running, tennis, football or pretty much any sort of sport these headphones will allow you to listen to music whilst you exercise without the earbuds falling out every two seconds.

Headphones for Running

The specs.

These headphones have a special over the wire design that leaves wires behind your body keeping them out of your way whilst exercising. They have a cord length of 4 feet and deliver extremely clear and accurate sound.

The verdict?

These headphones are definitely a winner we’re relieved that somebody has actually made a pair of headphones for the sports enthusiast that doesn’t suck.

Definitely a must have if exercising regularly is your thing!

How much? $19.87
Where from?
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