Spiral Bookshelf

One Seriously Stylish Bookshelf

Avid readers love to have all of their books on display, but often regular bookcases are all the same and don’t offer any flair. Enter this spiral bookcase! If you have been looking for an original way to display all of your favorite reads, this is the bookcase for you! This is also a great option for people who live in apartments or don’t have much space in their house, but still want a place to store their books.

Gravity Defying Design

What makes this bookcase so unique is the way that it is designed. It looks like all of your books are just hanging in a spiral in mid-air. The way that this bookshelf is made allows your books to form to the curve of the spiral while staying on the shelf at all times. This shelf will easily become a centerpiece that will have all of your guests talking. This creative bookcase will also turn any blank wall into a creative work of art.

Fully Functional And Durable

It might look like this bookshelf wouldn’t be practical, but it can hold 90 to 120 books depending on the size of the books. It will keep your collection organized and secure due to its durable design. The whole book case is made of grinded aluminum and welded to make the shelf extra sturdy.

There are also spacers that are placed throughout the shelf so that your books will be able to stay on the curve and not fall off. It can easily be filled to capacity without the worry of it falling off the wall.

Cool Bookshelf

Easy Set-Up

You might think that this bookcase will be hard to assemble, but it is actually fairly simple. The shelf will come in pieces that you will bolt together when you hang it up. Drywall anchors have been included that will attach to the wall with the tabs that are welded onto the back. There is a paper setup that comes with the shelf so you can match the pieces to the picture as you hang it on the wall. The only thing that you will need to provide to hang this shelf is a Phillips screwdriver and maybe a friend!

Handmade Quality

Every one of these shelves is handmade and the attention to detail is evident. Each piece is unique and you can even custom design a shelf to fit your space if needed. Because these shelves are custom made by hand and take time, they can only be shipped within the US. The builder can be easily reached by email and will help answer any questions about design and set up that you might have.

If you are looking for the perfect way to turn your beloved books into a work of art as well as securely store your favorite reads, then you are going to want to get this spiral bookshelf. Even if you just want to have an interesting piece of wall art or save some space in a tiny apartment this shelf is going to be the talk of all your bookworm friends!

Where from? Etsy.com
How Much? $1500.00
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