Solar Powered Oven

Cook Your Food With The Power Of The Sun…

A solar oven allows cooks to harness the natural energy of the sun to cook delicious meals almost anywhere. Users will find that the solar oven is a cooking appliance they will want to use at home and away. It is a great choice in the summer when cooking inside can make a living space hot and stuffy. Here are a few more great features of this innovative design.

Lightweight and Portable

Unlike a kitchen stove, the solar oven is highly portable and lightweight which means it can be used on camping trips and short backpacking excursions with ease. It is a great choice for a picnic day at the park or beach.

Quality Materials

The GoSun is made with high-quality stainless steel, borosilicate glass, and food-safe silicone for years of cooking enjoyment. It only takes a short inspection to see that this is a solar cooker that goes far beyond cheaper imitations. For true quality, there is no better cooker on the market.

Good Environmental Choice

When you use the sun to cook a meal you are not burning costly and environmentally unsound fuels. Small changes such as using a solar oven occasionally can add up to larger positive changes for the worldwide environment.

Solar Stove Cooker

Great For Leave No Trace Camping

Many recreational areas do not allow campfires or open flames. This means you need to bring your own contained stove to cook hot meals. The GoSun Solar Oven can cook some meals in as little as 20 minutes. Even for those camping where fires are allowed it can be difficult if not impossible to find proper wood for a campfire.


With the GoSun, you will never have to purchase fuel cylinders or deal with flames. Once you purchase the GoSun, you have a meal cooking system that you can enjoy for many years without a lot of additional expenses such as charcoal or lighters.

Reduce Forest Fire Risk

There has been a lot forest fires across the United States. Dry conditions can drastically increase the risk of catastrophic fires from just a few sparks. Solar ovens allow you to enjoy cooking outdoors without worrying about forest fire risk.

Quick Cooking

Campfires that are proper to cook on can take a long time to get started and achieve the right temperature. In the amount of time, it takes to get a campfire going you could be enjoying a great meal from your GoSun Solar Oven.

Easy To Use and High Capacity

The GoSun is so easy to use that children will want to cook with it. Simply put up to 3 lbs of food into the oven and set the temperature. The solar oven will reach temperatures of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit if set that high, so it is important to make sure you have the correct temperature set! Users are amazed that a solar oven can heat up as fast as the GoSun.

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