Snowball Shooter

For serious snowball fights.

When it comes to engaging in a serious snowball fight there’s absolutely no better weapon out there than the incredible WHAM-O snowball blaster that is capable of both making snowballs and then shooting them at your opponents up to a distance of a whopping 80 feet… nobody will stand a chance with this bad boy!

The snowball blaster is easily the best snowball shooter on the market and has features such as a removable three-ball snowball press on top of the device, an ultra comfortable and stabilizing ergonomic wrist support handle and even the ability to play a scored game.

Snowball Blaster


The Snowball Blaster weighs 2.5 pounds and measures in at 20″ x 12.4″ x 5.4″ in size.

The verdict?

If any of your friends ever decide to throw a snowball at you then they’ll instantly regret it as soon as you pull out the WHAM-O Snowball Blaster.

It’s an awesome toy that’s a tonne of fun to play with and it’s great for both adults and kids alike… so pick one up today!

How much? $21.95
Where from?
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