Mobile Phone Laser Tag

Play laser tag with your smartphone or iPod.

Plug your iPhone, iPod or Android smartphone into the laser blaster and your surroundings will instantly be transformed into a battleground where you can shoot your friends for points and pick up weapons, ammo packs, health kits and body armour from around your environment thanks to the power of augmented reality.

This ingenious gadget lets you play solo, against friends or on teams as you battle it out to stay alive and win the game. It’s extremely easy to setup and is compatiable with almost all iPods, iPhones and Android smartphones and it can even be used with other guns that have an accessory rail such as a Nerf™ or BuzzBee™ gun.

Laser Blaster

Laser Tag GunThe verdict?

This is not only one of the coolest gadgets that we’ve seen in a while but it’s also one of the most innovative and unique so we’re giving it two big thumbs up and recommending getting one highly… even if it is just to make your friends green with envy.

The laser blaster plays straight out of the box and requires no Bluetooth or WiFi setup to play. It’s super compatible with all devices and “just works”.

This thing is an absolute blast to play and is easily one of the best uses of augmented reality that we’ve seen!

Laser Tag Gun

How much? $49.99
Where from?
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