Self Tying Water Balloons

Your Victims Wont Stand A Chance

It’s time for an all out neighborhood water balloon war. The one way that you can make sure you take down your enemies is to have enough ammo. The only problem? It can take forever to fill enough water balloons to fight your foes. By the time you finally finish filling your balloons it’s already dark and your opponents are at home eating dinner.

Don’t let that happen at your next water balloon fight. With these self-tying water balloons, you will be ready to soak your friends in minutes!

Fill Water Balloons Like A Machine

When you order Bunch O Balloons, you will get 100 water balloons and three adapters that allow you to fill water balloons fast. All you have to do is attach the adapter to your hose and the tubes attached to each water balloon will do the rest of the work. You can fill all 100 balloons in only one minute flat.

No More Sore Fingers

If you have ever been in charge of filling and tying water balloons, you know how sore your fingers can get after tying just a few water balloons. Not to mention the frustration when you drop a balloon as you’re trying to get it sealed. These self-tying water balloons take all the headache and pain out of getting your balloons ready.

After you fill the water balloons, all you have to do to seal them is quickly remove the adaptors and a little rubber band will snap into place keeping the water balloon sealed and ready to be hurled at your opponents.


Fastest Self Tying Balloons On The Market

There are other self-tying balloons out there, but none of them are as fast as Bunch O Balloons. The competition claims to fill eight or ten balloons per minute, but that doesn’t even come close to the 100 balloons per minute you will get from Bunch O Balloons.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind as you fill your water balloons. Make sure that you fill these balloons over a bucket or bin that is half filled with water. This will keep your balloons safe and minimize the amount of balloons that break. Also, make sure to use a hose that has a little more power so that the water can travel quickly down the tube adaptors and get your water balloons nice and plump.

You will also want to fill these balloons right before you use them. If you try to do them ahead of time, the water might leak out into the bin. But don’t worry about wasting time filling them right when you need them. It goes quickly and you will have plenty of balloons to fight with.


If you’re ready to be the water balloon champion of your block, then you need to get these self-tying water balloons. You can quickly and efficiently fill 100 balloons in just one short minute and get on with your water balloon fun. Don’t let manually filling and tying your water balloons slow down your summertime entertainment!

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