Rubber Band Machine Gun

The Ultimate Rubber Band Shooter

Did you use to shoot rubber bands off your finger back in grade school? Are you and your office mates in a full out office war and you need the best come back? Then you are going to want this rubber band machine gun from XYZbot. It is a dream come true for the kid inside of you and will provide hours of entertainment and action.

Optimal Power For Optimal Performance

This rubber band machine gun has a battery powered motor that allows you to shoot 10 rubber bands per second. It can hold up to 63 bands, so you can have an entire minute of shooting power. The motor is controlled by a single squeeze trigger, so the gun is easy and smooth to operate.

The body of the gun is made with precision laser cut wood so that it all fits together perfectly and won’t come apart as you’re firing rubber bands. You can also purchase extra packs of rubber bands so that you never find yourself without the proper ammo.

Rubber Band Gun

Fun To Assemble

One of the really neat parts about this gun is that you get to assemble it yourself. So not only can you take satisfaction in shooting rubber bands at your opponent, you can be proud of yourself for hand building the weapon that took them down.

Once you receive your gun, you can go to the company’s website and find the easy to follow assembly instructions. The only tools that you will need to provide are a screwdriver and some pliers, plus 10 AA batteries. The whole gun and motor should only take about 30 to 45 minutes to put together and once you’re done you can load it up with the rubber bands that come with it.

Rubber Band Shooter

Great For Both The Young And The Old…er

This rubber band machine gun is a great gift for kids. Not only is it fun to use, it is a great project to work together on. It can teach them how to use tools, build simple machines, and assemble a motor. It’s better than a toy that you can buy already assembled because they can take pride in knowing they had a hand in building their own entertainment.

It’s also a good buy for those kids who are just slightly older. This rubber band gun can take you back to your school days and allow you to reminisce about all the fun you had playing around with your friends. Plus it can give you a little break from the hard work of the day and allow you to let off a little steam along with the 63 rubber bands!

The Verdict?

If you’re ready to take down your enemies with a round of rubber bands and the easy pull of the trigger, then you need to get this rubber band machine gun. Don’t fool around with simple hand powered guns any longer. With less than an hour of assembly and a powerful machine gun motor, you could be well on your way to making sure that your foes know who’s boss!

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