Robot Lawn Mower

Introducing The Robotic Lawn Mower…

At first glance the WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower might call to mind a viral video featuring a cat in a shark costume riding a robotic vacuum*, but this mower is truly an innovative solution to the common question: Who’s going to cut the grass?

The answer is no one.

This robot can be programmed to operate on a set schedule which can save you from bickering over whose turn it is to tackle the lawn chores.

Worx Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

So… what does it do?

It mows your lawn. It also looks really cool doing it. The Landroid is fully programmed right out of the box. After placing a boundary wire – which is low voltage and safe for pets and people – it’s ready to roll. The boundary wire tells the mower its limits and keeps the robot from wandering off. Like a 90s screensaver, the Landroid chooses its paths at random. This enables the mower to cover your entire yard without leaving behind unappealing mowing paths.

The Landroid features an artificial intelligence algorithm that allows it to make precise cuts and navigate narrow passages, even when mowing uneven landscapes and inclines up to 20°. The mower also has an adjustable blade feature that ensures the grass is always cut to the preferred length. Don’t feel like moving the lawn gnomes? No problem, the mower senses obstacles and mows around them. Unlike the dog who refuses to come when you call, the Landroid automatically returns home to its charging station when it’s finished mowing or when the battery runs low.

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The Perks…

The Landroid is so quiet it can even mow at night, enabling you to wake up to the smell of fresh cut grass without being scorned by the neighbors. A built-in rain sensor stops the mower when it detects moisture and automatically restarts when the grass is dry. It has zero emissions making it environmentally friendly to boot.

A unique feature of the Landroid is its anti-theft system, because honestly, people are going to want this mower. It features a PIN code system that is the next best thing to LoJack for your mower. If the mower is taken outside of its boundary, it triggers an alarms system and cannot be restarted by anyone who doesn’t know the security PIN.

The Landroid allows you to get the kids to soccer practice or stay at work late without having to worry about the time-consuming chore of mowing the lawn. Its automated and scheduled settings also make it a great device for the elderly or those with disabilities.

This brings us to one of the best perks. The Landroid is cool. When it comes to your mower, the Joneses will be the ones trying to keep up with you!

The WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower comes with charging base, boundary wire, as well as extra blades for $999.96 or four installments of $249.99 – a small price to pay for domestic bliss.

*In case anyone needs to be reminded, please do not place your cat on this mower.

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