RC Motorcycle

The ultimate remote control motorcycle toy.

Rev up your engines and get ready to perform some serious stunts with the Pyscho Cycle – the most badass remote control motorcycle toy ever made.

You’ll be addicted in to time flat to racing the motorbike around your home as you try to perform flips and long jumps using the jump rampt that comes included with the product.

In fact he can jump distances of up to 10 feet!


RC MotorbikeThe Pyscho Cycle weighs 11.8 pounds and measures in at 8 x 24 x 14.5 inches in size and it’s suitable for ages 8 years and over.

The verdict?

A fun toy for kids and adults alike that also challenges the user as they try to perform the most outragous stunts possible without crashing along the way.

It makes for an awesome birthday or Christmas present or is also a cool way to treat yourself to some fun.

We had a lot of fun playing with the Psycho Cycle so we’re giving it the Way Cool Gadgets seal of approval!

How much? $82.99
Where from? Amazon.com
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