Question Block Lamp

Add some 8-bit magic to your home.

If you grew with a Nintendo then you’ll feel right at home with this 8-bit style question block lamp that’s lifted straight out of the world of Mario.

These custom made lamps look exactly like the question blocks that Mario and Luigi raid for goodies (like coins and magic mushrooms) and whenever you turn them off or on they even make the classic 8-bit noise that would happen whenever you hit one of these blocks in the real game. The whole lamp is 100% custom designed including both the exterior and the electronics inside.

8 Bit Mario LampThe specs.

The lamp is about 6 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches in size and it made from laser-cut plexiglass. Inside the lamp are energy efficient LEDs that light it up. This thing is super lightweight so it can be easily suspended by it’s 11 foot power cord through a ceiling hook. The lamp’s power supply is 100v-240v compatible.

The verdict?

It’s a totally unique gadget that also makes for a great gift idea for a gamer friend.

Perfect for the die hard Nintendo fan that wants to bring a little bit of the Mario world to their home. We’re giving it our seal of approval!

How much? $74.99
Where from?
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