Putter Pool

A combination of pool and golf!

If you’re a bit of a golf nut but also have a thing for pool then you are going to go nuts over the newest indoor game to hit the market… putter pool!

This crazy combination of both golf and pool is a hell of a lot of fun and actually quite the challengl. It’s perfect for all players aged six and up and the kit comes complete with golf clubs, sixteen golf balls rails and a big green mat to play on.

It’s the perfect game for the family to play at home or for co-workers to play around the office and it wont take long before everyone is hooked and getting a little bit competitive.

The game is super easy to set up. Just roll out the big green mat, velcro the rails along the edges ad start taking turns at trying to shoot the balls into the pockets.

It’s a game that requires good hand-eye coordination and a mind for strategy to win… so let the games begin!


The Putter Pool product measures in at 65″ in length by 46″ in width.

The verdict?

This is a unique spin on two of the most popular games around and a great way to let your hair down and have some fun. We’re giving it the Way Cool Gadgets thumbs up!

How much? $79.98
Where from? Amazon.com
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