Pocket Slingshot

Remember Target Practice With Your Friends?

Remember when you used to go out into the yard and shoot rocks at cans with your sling shot? You carried it in your back pocket so you were prepared for battle in a quick game created by you and your friends. You had target practice and challenged each other to see who had the skills to shoot the furthest. Your sling shot was an important part of your summertime fun.

The New And Improved Sling Shot

The sling shot has grown and evolved into the new generation of sling shot. The Pocket Shot is the first of its kind, starting with a round shape that departs from the traditional Y shaped design of yesterday. The new shape provides the user with the ability to shoot objects of varied weight and sizes and 2 – 3 times further than a traditional sling shot. This gives the end user an improved sling shot experience they have never had before.

The Pocket Shot

What Is It Made Of?

The Pocket Shot is made of a durable aluminum and high-quality latex. It is 2.3 by 1.3 inches long when not in use and expands to 5 inches. Its small size makes it easy to transport in your pocket, backpack, and any other type of carry case. The Pocket Shot is not considered a toy, but a tool that can be used for recreation or hunting purposes.

The most effective ammo for the Pocket Shot are marbles, slugs, and paintballs. Their size and shape provide the user with the ability to shoot further out than with other forms of ammo. You do not, however, want to use BBs with the Pocket Shot because they can damage the pouch. The Pocket Shot can shoot up to 350 feet per second. The power fins and pouch helps you to shoot with accuracy and power.

How It Works

The circular shape and pouch may be different, but they work the same as a traditional sling shot. You simply place your ammo in the circular tube, pull back the pouch with the ammo, aim and release. You can change out the regular pouch for a the pro pouch and gain even more power.

Ultimate Slingshot

Wrapping It All Up

The Pocket Shot has revolutionized the way we all use a sling shot. You will experience a faster and more accurate shot with this new addition to the sling shot family. Its size and shape have changed the way this sling shot performs compared to a traditional sling shot.

You can watch your ammo go further and your aim increase with a little practice. You and your friends can take your shooting and hunting to an all new level. The Pocket Shot is a unique twist on an old childhood favorite and packs a lot of power behind every pull. You can increase your aim and use this pint size tool on your next hunting trip. The reach from this sling shot is so far, shooting your animal of choice will be simple to do from 350 feet.

Where from? Amazon.com
How Much? $25.00
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