Pepperoni Pizza Pillow

The Cushion You Didn’t Know You Needed

There’s something fun and different about cushions in the shape of food, and they’ve become all the rage. Everything from pizza to donuts has been turned into pillows, and you can have one of your very own for about $25. Simply go on Amazon and select the food option you like, and then wait until it arrives. For the pizza lovers out there, the pizza cushion is delightful.
About the Pizza Cushion

Are you or someone you know a pizza lover? Then this huggable pizza cushion is for you. It looks like a real, giant pizza, and you’ll be ready to dive in once you open it. It comes delivered vacuum-sealed in an actual pizza box, too. Once you open it, the cushion opens to 40 cm in diameter. It’s a photographic print on 100% polyester, and the inside is stuffed with polyester fleece. The colorfully printed cushion is great to sit on, rest your head on, or just hug when you’re craving pizza but you can’t have it because you’re on a diet. It also makes a super comfortable pet bed for those who like to give their fur babies something soft to lie on.

Set Up

Because it does come vacuum compressed, you will need to take it out of the package and let it sit for a little while. This allows the materials to breathe and expand. If you notice a musty smell, that should also go away as the cushion airs out. This typically takes 2-3 hours to expand completely. If the smell doesn’t go away, you can wash it. See the care instructions on the tag, or check the information listed below. Once the cushion expands and the smell is gone, it’s ready to be used where ever you like it. Simple place it in its new designated area, and you’re all set.

Girl With Pizza Cushion

Caring for the Pizza Cushion

Depending on how you use this pillow, there may be some care involved with owning it. If you need to clean the pillow, you can follow the directions listed on the tag. For a general overview, the pillow washes on gentle. Mild detergent is recommended, and the water should not get over 86 degrees Fahrenheit. That means cold or warm water only. Drying the cushion tends to destroy it, so it’s better to hang it out to dry. If you decide to dry it, do not tumble. Stick to air dry.

Many of the reviewers found the pizza cushion to be quite life-like, and some even said they wished they could eat it. Hopefully this pillow doesn’t give you an intense craving for pizza that has you running for the phone every time you see it. But, with its soft huggable features, it’s a great pillow to have on hand to make sitting, lounging, and general lazing more comfortable. Even if you don’t need a comfy pillow, it’s the perfect size to be a pet pillow. Perhaps your beloved fur baby would make use of the pillow. It’s cheaper than regular pet beds, to be honest. Either way, the pillow cushion is sure to delight.

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