Panoramic Rear View Mirror

Eliminate blind spots while driving!

Here’s a clever gadget that could literally help to save you life. This mirror is unlike any rear view mirror that you’ve ever seen before – it completely eliminates blind spots while driving by giving you a full panoramic view of what is happening behind you so that it’s almost impossible to miss hazards that may be on the road.

Panoramic rear view mirrors are so effective at reducing accidents that they are used by police officers, municipal crews and even professional car racers… and now you can own your very own one too. It’ll give you more confidence whilst driving and help you to better negotiate traffic, change lanes and even keep an eye on any mischief that’s going on in the back seat!

The specs.

The no blind spot rear view mirror is shatter-proof, vibration free and can be easily clipped to your current rear view mirror. It’s free from night time glare and distortion and is approximately 15 ¾” x 2″ in size and 12.8 ounces in weight.

The verdict?

This is a simple but ingenious device that makes driving a whole lot safer. Why these mirrors aren’t installed into all cars by default is beyond us but thankfully you can buy your very own panoramic rear view mirror online!

How much? $50.68
Where from?
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