Nintendo 64 Controller for PC

The best way to play N64 games on your PC!

Sure you can play any Nintendo 64 game you want on your PC with an emulator but it’s just not quite the same without the old school Nintendo 64 controller.

Some people said it was the best controller of all time, others said it was the worst… but whatever way you lean it’s just not N64 unless you play with the original controller and every Nintendo 64 game out there is designed especially for it.

But now you can pick up a N64 USB controller for just $29.99 and start playing all of the old school classics like Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64 and of course Goldeneye 007  the way they were intended to be played.

Nintendo 64 USB Controller


The Nintendo 64 controller for PC connects to any standard USB port and can be used on both PC or MAC. It comes with 10 function buttons as well as a precise 3D analog stick. The cord is approximately 6 feet long.

The verdict?

Fans of the Nintendo 64 will love this controller. It’s a near exact replica of the original Nintendo 64 and will give you the full N64 experience when reliving your N64 gaming days. We love the the idea and we’re giving the Nintendo 64 USB controller two big thumbs up!

How much? $29.99
Where from?
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