Nebia Water Saving Shower Head

The Nebia Is A ‘Smarter’ Shower Head…

Your shower can be your solace from the busy world. It sets the tone for your morning, or it can be a relaxing close to a demanding workday. We’ve seen a few innovations in showerheads in the past few years, from rain-heads to sprockets to hit you from every angle and light up showers that turn your stall into a disco, but nothing has hit the market like the Nebia Atomized Water Showerhead.

Say goodbye to the water droplets of yesteryear – Nebia fills your shower with tiny water droplets that embrace your body and leave you feeling refreshed and clean. The system creates a mist that hugs your skin, giving you more than enough water to get clean and enjoy your shower without being wasteful. As if that was not enough, it does it using 70% less water.

How Does It Work?

The shower system is installed by the homeowner and consists of an adjustable bracket and a movable wand that makes for a shower unlike one you’ve ever had. The technology uses pressure to break down the streams of water into millions of teeny water drops, with 10 times more surface area a typical shower. That means more water hits your body to give you a totally clean feeling. But because of the H2MICRO™ technology breaking down the water into smaller segments, this incredible shower system actually uses 70% less water than an average showerhead. According to Nebia’s Kickstarter page, with the saved water usage, the shower system pays for itself in less than two years in the average U.S. home.


The people behind Nebia started their journey for the perfect showerhead five years ago. Fueled by the desire drastically reduce water usage, they’ve created much more than a fancy new shower. Instead, they’ve raised the industry standard. They hope to enable millions of people to change the amount of water they consume by way of daily showering to save thousands of gallons of water per year. The company is poised to help individuals change their environmental footprint – all by changing how they shower.

Nebia is also more thermally efficient, so there’s not as much of a drain on your wallet just to heat the water for your shower. This shower system may be good for your body, the environment and your wallet.

The Details

Nebia has a streamlined, modern design that would fit any style of home. The head rotates up to 45 degrees and is built for all hair types (even pet hair!) The wall bracket, made of anodized aluminum, attaches to your wall without damaging your tile. It houses the mechanism that moves water through the head and wand of the system. The arm moves elegantly up and down the bracket to customise the spray of the system just to your liking. It accommodates every body size, from kids to linebackers. And then there’s the wand, that lets you freely move the delightful spray wherever you desire.

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