Bedroom Moon Light

Bring The Moon To Your Bedroom

If you’ve ever wanted to fall asleep by the light of the moon without sleeping outdoors, now you can. The moon wall lamp by Uncle Milton lets you enjoy the shining beauty of the moon while it hangs majestically on your wall. Both kids and adults find its realistic glow appealing.

Built-In Lights

The moon wall lamp is a realistic representation of the moon. With its authentically detailed 3-D lunar landscape, you can imagine yourself walking across the moon as you lay in bed daydreaming. And, since the real moon isn’t always full, the lamp uses the lights to help show the different phases in the moon. These can be automatically or manually controlled, depending on what works best for you. However, the remote control is the only way to control the lamp, so be sure not to misplace it. Speaking of the remote, it’s an infrared remote that can control the lamp from across the room. The buttons allow you to turn the moon lamp on and off, trigger the phases of the moon sequentially, and also allows you to cycle through each phase automatically.

The Moon Wall Light

Other Features

In addition to the lights, the moon lamp also features a downloadable moon tour. You receive a code once you purchase the lamp. Enter that code at, and you can watch your moon lamp cycle through its various phases while listening to the tour of the landscape. The moon lamp also has an automatic shut off to conserve battery power. This feature is great for those who want to fall asleep to the soft glow of the moon, but don’t want it on all night. The length of time for auto shut off is 30 minutes without interruption, after which, the light automatically shuts off to conserve the battery. When you purchase the moon lamp, you get the moon wall unit, the remote control, and an instruction manual in the box. Unfortunately, like most things, batteries aren’t included.


The wall lamp comes in at a whopping $20, which is a lot for a lamp. That said, the extra features and the cool factor of having the moon as your lamp make up for it. The textured dome of the moon is realistic and adds dimension to the experience. The strategically placed lights that allow the lamp to cycle through the phases of the moon are a unique feature when compared to other lamps. The moon lamp would make a great gift for anyone interested in astronomy, the moon specifically, or those who want a soft night light to help them get to sleep. The extra features are beneficial to the hardcore fans, but the casual users can also find some fun in them, as well.

No matter what your reasons for considering the moon lamp, it’s fairly inexpensive for a novelty item. You would get several features, including the lamp’s ability to change through the phases of the moon, and that it shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity. And, it can provide a learning experience for your kids or anyone interested in the moon. It’s worth considering come holiday season.

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