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If you love nature but aren’t exactly the “roughing it” type, or are intrigued by culture and history but not at the expense of modern amenities and comforts, then the Mirror Houses might be just the place for your next adventure.

Designed by Italian architect Peter Pichler, the two Mirror Houses – masterpieces of contemporary architecture and form – are set into the rugged, natural beauty of the Italian Alps. Their designs feature razor-sharp lines that are stunningly sleek and offer a feel of cosmopolitan luxury. Rather than clashing with the ancient mountains and well-established orchards that surround them however, the Mirror Houses compliment the sweeping vistas – their mirrored exteriors allowing them to melt seamlessly into their surroundings.

Each unit appears to float above the ground and features a full kitchen, a modern bedroom with a double bed, a living room with streams of sunlight and a double couch bed, and an immaculate bathroom fully stocked with essentials. Large skylights open to let in light and breeze, and to frame the starry night sky. These houses are a marriage of form and function, with no detail overlooked for its use and aesthetic appeal.

Mirror House At Night


It is not just the Mirror Houses themselves that are striking. These marvels of modern design are nestled among apple orchards and private gardens in the Italian Alpine mountains, the Dolomites. Located in South Tyrol, an autonomous province in Northern Italy, the city of Bolzano has often been recognized for having the best quality of life in the country. Guests of the Mirror Houses can visit Bolzano’s unique attractions including the medieval city center which features both Gothic and Romanesque architecture, illustrating the area’s confluence of Italian and Austrian cultures.

Privacy was of utmost importance throughout the design and construction processes and each unit has plenty of it, as well as private parking. The Mirror Houses are family-run and the host is happy to point guests to the best dining, finest wines, and most enjoyable recreation.

Why We Love It…

The Mirror Houses provide visitors with a truly unique experience from dawn to dusk. Both units have an eastward orientation, providing breathtaking morning views. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors open onto floating cantilevered terraces overlooking soaring limestone mountains. While taking an afternoon plunge in the in-ground pool, guests can glance back at their mirrored accommodations to see the panoramic landscape reflected back to them.

The Mirror Houses are a perfect merger of art and nature, design and utility, futuristic and archaic. They provide visitors with the sense of being a world apart from, and simultaneously dissolved completely into, that which surrounds them.

Mirror House Design


Each house comfortably accommodates two guests and can house up to four.

The rate for a unit is 200€ (approximately $230 USD as of latest conversion rate) per night with a two night minimum stay. There is a 100€ (approximately $133 USD) additional charge per night for stays including more than 2 guests (This charge is reduced to 50€ (approximately $56 USD) per night for stays longer than 7 nights).

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