Melting Clock

Time doesn’t fly. It melts.

This trippy melting clock will please the art lovers.

It’s design is inspired by the melting clocks of Salvidore Dali’s paintings and can be placed on any shelf or mantle to look like as if it is melting off of it.

It looks exceptional inside the home or office. It’s bound to draw lots of attention from your guests and makes for the best conversation piece.

The Specs.

The clock keeps accurate time, weighs about a pound and measures at approximately 6.75″ x 4.75″ x 5.25″. It requires no mounting hardware and can easily be place on any shelf or mantle.

The Verdict?

Very, very cool. Looks awesome and also makes for a fantastic gift for anyone with an artistic flare.

How much? $11.49
Where from?
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