Lockpick School In A Box

The Fun Way To Learn Lockpicking

Locksmiths are invaluable for those times when you’ve lost your keys and are looking to get into a room without having to pick up an axe and plough through the door (yes, some people can be driven to such lengths due to their frustration over not being able to get into a locked room). However, it’s not every day that you’ll have access to a locksmith. Being self-sufficient by teaching you lock-picking techniques is now possible thanks to a nifty, new invention called Lockpicking School in a box.

A row of 5 locks

Lockpicking School in a box is a training tool that comes as a solid package. It features a row of 5 generic locks that you can practice your skills on without having to ruin doors in and around your house. The package weighs close to 5 pounds, making it heavy to ship. Due to this, don’t forget to add about $10 to $20 on your shipping and handling charge to cater for transportation costs.

The package comes with 4 picks as well as a tension tool, and an instructional book which offers you tips on how to correctly pick locks. In addition, the package comes with a progressive learning kit which helps ease the learning curve experienced by many people when they are trying to learn about the intricacies of lock-picking. The locks all have a central pin which only gets unlocked when you finish picking one lock, from the easiest to the hardest.

What’s great about lockpicking using this gadget is that it establishes a positive reinforcement behavior model for people who may have a hard time going through different lock types in the quest to learn about the craft. In addition, it comes with all the tools you’ll ever need, making the purchase a truly complete package that doesn’t need additional items from other sources.

The training kit included in the package takes you through the intricacies of lock picking, how typical locks work as well as some of the challenges you can expect when learning to pick locks. The package also contains a table top stand which helps you position the lock set firmly on any flat surface for your convenience.

The brass pin tumbler cylinders on the package are numbered, making it easy for you to know which lock you’re dealing with. The locks have differing amounts of pins, with the first one having the least amount of pins and the last one, the most. This graduating configuration is what makes the Lockpicking School in a Box one-of-a-kind. There are no external locks to destroy, and everything is within easy reach.

Learn Lockpicking

Please note

It’s important to note that this product is meant for people who are looking to practice lockpicking for genuine and legal reasons. Picking locks of doors to rooms and houses you’re not authorized to enter is considered a felony and may land you in prison. The Lockpicking School in a Box is available from $95 to $99, depending on where you buy it. It makes a great present for an aspiring locksmith and individuals who are looking to learn how locks work.

Where from? MakerShed.com
How Much? $99.99
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