Light Up Umbrella

The futuristic LED light up umbrella.

If you’ve ever seen Blade Runner than you might recognize this sweet futuristic looking light up umbrella from the movie… well now you can own your very own light up umbrella thanks to the power of LED lights.

This awesome umbrella is available in both white or blue colors and will keep you not only dry during those rainy nights but also visible to cars making walking around during the night time a lot safer.

To activate the light on your umrella just hit the button at the bottom of it to switch it on and off again.

LED Umbrella Colors

The specs.

The light up umbrella is 32.5″ long and once opened 41″ in diameter. It requires 3 x LR44 button batteries to operate which are included with the product.

The verdict?

This umbrella will help you to stay safer at night time making you much more visible to cars but for us the real selling point for this umbrella is simply how damn cool it looks.

With this bad boy in your possession you’ll always be turning heads and making people wonder “wow! who is that ridiculously awesome human being?”.

How much? $24.99
Where from?
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