LED Tab Light

The funky LED light for your faucets.

If your taps are looking a little bit plain then why not add some color and oomph into the home with these LED tap lights. Bathroom and kitchen taps with LED lights look stylish, funky and totally eye catching and with this affordable gadget it’s easier than ever to install LED lighting into your faucets.

The color of the light even changes based on the temperature of the water. Between 0-30C you’ll get blue, between 30-40C you’ll get green, between 41-50C you’ll get red and between 50-100C you’ll get flashing red. The changing colors not only look incredible but act as a safety mechanism ensuring that people don’t scald themselves with hot water.

LED Faucet

FaucetThe specs.

The LED tap light is made out of solid brass and has a durable ceramic cartridge to prevent leaking.

It’s powered by four AA batteries and activates whenever the water is turned on.

This product is designed to last and all tap lights are professionally tested at a high water pressure of 1.6Mpa to ensure long term durability.

The verdict?

TBlue Tap Lighthis is a clever and unique way to add a splash of color to your home.

It’s super easy to install and looks amazing once set up. We’re definitely giving this one our seal of approval!

How much? $39.99
Where from? Amazon.com
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