Jellyfish Aquarium

Introducing the stunning jellyfish aquarium.

Fish tanks are so yesterday. It’s time to upgrade to something much more interesting so feast your eyes on like this beautiful jellyfish tank.

This jellyfish aquarium which is available from is simply mesmerizing to watch and will look amazing on your desk, in the office or around the home.

It also makes for one hell of a gift for that friend or family member that has a thing for anything arty.

Jellyfish TankWhat’s included?

Aquariums are available in a few different sized kits ranging from a completely empty tank ($285) to one that includes jellyfish, hermit crabs, cleaner snails and a whole lot more ($709).

Most kits include a decently sized food supply and the higher end models include all sorts of extra goodies including algae cleaner magnets, water quality test kits, aquarium salt, aquarium heaters, floating thermometers and more.

The verdict?

The is the most hypnotic and bad ass desk gadget that we’ve come across to date. It’s stunning to look at and it’s refreshingly different from the standard fish tank that we’ve to expect in almost every household.

How much? From $285 – $709
Where from?
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