iPad Car Mount

Transform your car into a movie theater.

Here’s an addon for the iPad fridge mount that allows you to hook up your iPad to the back of your car seats so that backseat riders can enjoy a movie, listen to some music or play a game. The mount will ensure your iPad stays completely stable even during bumpy car rides so you can watch it without any shaking.

Road trips can take quite the toll when you’ve got nagging kids or an annoying roommate in the back seat but with this mount you’ll be able to easily keep your passengers entertained for the entire trip leaving you to just enjoy the scenery.

iPad Car Mounting Kit

Dead easy to install.

The iPad car mount works with both the original iPad as well as the iPad 2 and is dead easy to install. It takes only a few seconds to install without the need for any tools.

The verdict?

This is very simple but clever gadget that will make long car rides with demanding back seat passengers much more bareable. It’s super affordable and so easy to use so we’re definitely giving it our seal of approval!

Note: This  is designed for back seat passengers only and it will not work without the iPad fridge mount.

How much? $5.99
Where from? ThinkGeek.com
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