Inflatable Obstacle Course

The HUGE inflatable obstacle course.

If you’re looking for a big, bad ass obstacle course for both adults and kids than then you can’t beat this mammoth military style inflatable obstacle course.

It’s a crazy big course measuring in at a whopping 85 feet long with a variety of tough obstacles along the way including a 16′ high swinging rope, multiple hedgehog obstacles along the way that and a big hill at the end that must be climbed to beat the course.

This course is not only a great way to keep super fit (trust me this is not an easy course!) but a ridiculously fun time. Boys, girls, adults and kids alike will all have a great time competing on the biggest inflatable obstacle course they’ve ever seen.

Boot Camp Challenge

Course EndThe specs.

The entire course weights 1,175 lbs and measures in at 85′ L x 12′ W x 16′ H.

It’s obstacles include several steep humps that must be climbed over, a 16′ high rope swing rope that must be used to cross a 6′ long x 12″ deep pit which can be filled with water, foam blocks or plastic balls and a final steep mound at the end to get over.

The verdict?

This is probably the most fun way to keep fit in existence.

Swing RopeThis course will challenge you and bring out some of that inner competitiveness that all serious athletes need!

How much? $12,500
Where from?
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