Ice Cream Lock

Introducing The Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock

There’s nothing quite like looking forward to a yummy late night treat and walking to the freezer only to find that someone has already eaten your ice cream. In fact, there’s probably nothing more infuriating. Finding the culprit becomes your mission in life, and when you find them, you have all sorts of things planned for them. But, there’s no need for frustration. Ben & Jerry’s created an ice cream lock to keep your frozen treats safe.

How Does the Ice Cream Lock Work?

The ice cream lock is a two-piece plastic contraption that resembles a dog’s collar. It slides over the top of a regular pint, and it has a three-digit code lock on the front. The lock comes with a pre-assigned code, but it does a decent job of keeping unwanted ice cream eaters out of your pints. Although the original design goes with Ben & Jerry’s pint ice cream, it does fit other pints, as well. Some customers have even found that the ice cream lock works well with other similarly shaped jars, such as peanut butter or nutella.

It’s not a complicated lock design, either. One half of the plastic lock slides up from the bottom and connects with the piece that slides over the top. The two pieces screw together and then the lock is set. Turn the lock mechanism to change the numbers, and then you simply put your ice cream in the freezer. When you want some ice cream, pull it out and enter the three-digit code. Once the code is correct, you can untwist the two pieces and open your ice cream. The best part is that you’ll have the same amount in the pint that you did when you put the lock on it.

Where Did the Ice Cream Lock Idea Come From?

According to Ben & Jerry’s, the idea for the tongue-in-cheek item came to them from a customer. One woman who was fed up with people stealing her ice cream suggested the confection company begin selling their ice cream in stainless steel containers with little padlocks on them. Ben & Jerry’s liked the idea, but logistically it wasn’t possible. Thus, the ice cream lock, also referred to as the Euphori-Lock, was born. The only downside to the design is that the three-digit lock is preset, and it can’t be changed. However, with smartphones and other tools at your disposal, it’s pretty easy to remember it.

Who Might Like this Item?

The Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream lock is a fun gift for those who love their ice cream. The collar goes around the lid, so there are other ways into the ice cream, but the message is pretty clear. It’s great for roommate situations, spouse situations, and good for anyone who feels they need a little extra protection for their ice cream. It also makes a great gag gift for those who like to bluster about others eating their ice cream.

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